Wednesday, June 25, 2008

orchestra baobab

tonight at rockefeller park (at the west end of chambers st) - everyone's favorite old school senegalese salsa band. 7pm. free!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008

Extending the Legend

Remember this guy? Gabi found his earlier work at some point about a year ago. Still fun to watch (though he may have jumped the shark by doing the dance in the anti-gravity chamber).

Monday, June 16, 2008

Olympic Glory 2008

Olympians and family!
This Friday and Saturday, Brooklyn witnessed the auspicious 2nd quatr-annual Roommate Olympics. Some walked away victorious, others walked away steeped in mediocrity, while others walked away with the permeated dinge of loss (albeit in fabulous combined outfits). ALL, however, walked away with sore bodies and full hearts.

Thank you Gabi and Julie for fun times and quality competition.


thanks guys!

Gabi, great job organizing! Julie, fantastic scavenger hunt... It was fun, guys.
More photos here.

Best of Roommate Olypics

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Roommate Olympics Schedule

Okay ya'll t minus 2.5 days.

Olympics Day 1
Everyone meet Friday night at 8pm at Ocean's (308 Flatbush Avenue) with Game faces on.

We'll need Sol and Ashley to bring Pictionary which I believe they have.
Nadya will bring Trivial Pursuit (hopefully not one of the ridiculous editions like 80s TV or something...)

The first 3 events (Air Hockey, Trivia, Pictionary) will be at Ocean's.

Question to the group. Is Beirut best at Sol & Ashley's, Ocean's, or the Bowling alley?

close out Day one with bowling.

DAY 2:
we still need someone to administer the Scavenger Hunt. I'll bring Taboo & Eggs. Can someone get string for the 3 legged race?

Don't forget camera's and subway cards for the scavenger hunt.

celebrate brooklyn

Celebrate Brooklyn opens tomorrow night with Isaac Hayes @ 8pm..
Sol & I are definitely going.
If anyone wants to join us in enjoying the below 90-degree weather & pregaming for the RO festivities, come on over.

Monday, June 9, 2008


I have completed the official Roommate Olympics Scavenger Hunt List. And it's awesome.

I can't officiate the contest on Saturday b/c I'll be busy pre-gaming for my bachelorette party that night (woo-haaa!). Is there someone who is not participating who could officiate?

It involves declaring START and FINISH (one of those fake guns used at track meets would be nice), timing for the 90 minutes between those events, and adding up each team's points/calling bullshit on any shenanigans. 

Let me know if you're IN and I'll send you the official, top secret list. 

(I'm worried that a certain participant will fish it from my computer if I don't send soon!!)

NOTE TO CONTESTANTS: please bring one digital camera per team and one Metrocard per person. 

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Roommate Olympics Updates pt 2

Raju & Athas
Gabi & Josh
John & Ben
Adz & Nad
Schwartz & Joe
Dave& Hubert
Adam & Dan
Noam & Melanie

Somebody contact Fishbach, Lambdin, Scott Thomas, and Mike Ellis or send them to the blog.

  • Revisions: Get the trivia guy to write questions. But no hipster bullshit like #1 singles by the shins. a legitimate mix of categories. Current Events, Geography, Pop culture, Audio or visual clues, etc
  • 3-Legged Race replaces dodgeball. Unless someone besides Chaucer is lobbying for dodgeball. We could do something to mix it up. Like a quarter mile three legged race.
  • I think day one is the day for a drinking game so I'd suggest replacing the Newlywed Game with Beirut or quarters. Thoughts?
Day 1:
Air Hockey, Trivia Contest, Pictionary/Charades, Beirut, Bowling

Day 2:
Horse, Three-Legged Race, Taboo, Egg Toss, Scavenger Hunt

Monday, June 2, 2008

Roommate Olympics Updates

Okay, I currently have the following Teams confirmed.

Gabi & Josh
John & Ben
Adz & Nad
Schwartz & Joe
Dave& Hubert
Adam & Dan

Last time Matt lambdin and Mike Ellis were a team. Since mike's not around maybe scott could play with him. Or fishbach. basically I think we need a minimum of 8 teams. Can someone reach out to those 2??

Day 1:
Mario Kart, Trivia Contest, Pictionary/Charades, Newlywed Game, Bowling

Day 2:
Horse, Dodgeball, Taboo, Egg Toss, Scavenger Hunt

I have 2 main concerns.
1: we need people to write content for Scavenger Hunt, Newlywed Game, and Trivia. Any volunteers or suggestions???
2: I'm concerned dodgeball isn't easily executed. Any other ideas for outdoor events on Day 2.

I away your thoughts.

-The Rules and Bylaws committee.