Thursday, February 18, 2010

We Are the World: There Can Only Be ONE.

Dave alerted me to the new version, and I mean, Jesus, what a bunch of fuck-monkeys were allowed in that studio. They even used MJ ghost footage! That kind of thing is going to bring BACK African hunger, which all these artists so heroically ended:

I mean, I'm sorry, that is a musical POWERHOUSE. When you lead-off with Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, and the Gambler, you have MJ, Springsteen, and Dylan batting clean-up, and then you close with Ray Charles? You aren't topping that. And are there some jokers in there? Sure. I think I saw Max from Saved By the Bell. But still--color me inspired.

Two final thoughts:
-Diana Ross effortlessly blows everyone away.
-I read that Lionel Richie and MJ wrote this song in twenty minutes.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Darrell Green... Liar? Freak of Nature

Ok, I understand there are optimistically 3-4 people on this blog who would appreciate the insanity of this story. But Is this possible at all?

4.2 at 40 and 4.4 at 50!?!?

That's beyond insane. That means at age 50 Darrell Green would be one of the 10 fastest guys at the combine.

Click Link, Hold Brain

Such a day, I mark thee, whereupon the winter of our discontent is ne’er made glorious summer. A gentleman wiser than myself did say that on some such days, thou exits, pursued by a bear, and on others, the bear exits, pursued by you.

By my troth, a good philosophy. Was’t of the Orient?

Nay, far from it. I mark well thy fashion, good Knave.

And I thy fashion, stranger.

Many thanks.
If I may crave a boon, may I request
That thine ungracious mouth be less profane,
Spoke less in cursing word, and more in craft?

What dost thou speak upon, O damned fool?

I jest; well-spoken, Knave. Be of good ease;
Exeunt now, the tumbling tumbleweeds.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snowglobe Music

A whole week without posts! I guess people must be distracted by Google Buzz.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Wish I Could Be 30 Again

Well, it's time to say hello to 31.

Let's celebrate.

First Stop: the RVR at 8pm--

Russian Vodka Room
265 West 52nd Street (at 8th Avenue)
Take the C, E to 51st Street, or
Take the 1 to 50 Street, or
Take the B,D,E to 53rd Street.

Second Stop: Bleecker Tavern at 10pm--

Bleeker Street Tavern (map)
56 Bleecker Street (between Lafayette and Crosby Streets)
Take the B,D,F,V to Broadway Lafayette, or
Take the 6 to Bleecker Street, or
Take the R,W to Prince Street.

Q & A

Q: Who was a Rhodes Scholar, Army Ranger, professional helicopter pilot, nashville janitor, songwriter (County Music Hall of Fame), actor (Blade I, II, III + a million other movies), Boyfriend of Barbara Streisand & Janis Joplin, married three times, and in a group w/ Merle, Willie, and Johnny?