Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Let's live it up people. Come correct.

1 BANK STREET # 2M @ 9ish tonight.

Bring the noise!

Saturday, December 29, 2007


My first post boys and girls! If I was literally more of a man i would show you my excitement in jpeg format. As you may have read in the last post, the fate of my building is still up in the air. However, I'm going to try my best to turn mi apartamento into a brothel on New Year's Eve! So please, if you still have no plans, come over to my place and get wasted on the most overhyped night of the year! Of course, please invite everyone you know not privy to this discursive interface, including friends, relatives, neighbors, pets, successors, assigns, etc.

Date: Uh, New Year's Eve!

Place: 1 Bank Street #2M (Corner of Bank Street and Greenwich Avenue)
New York, NY

Time: Nine PM

Ps. Dear Ladies: Bring all your lady friends!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tune In

Saturday night: 7:15pm

Before you head over to Josh and Katie's holiday party, tune your web browser to if you would like to hear any of my first ever broadcast, calling the UMass men's basketball game vs. CCSU. It will be my voice you hear providing color commentary for the game. Oh the horror! Fortunately we are not the primary carriers of the game, so most fans will be assured of a quality broadcast elsewhere.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

THIS is Tree Man

Warning: Not for the faint at heart or stomach!

more med

nerdy but incredible.... the video at this link is what you would see if you were inside a white blood cell, and it is awesome

click on the pic!


Attention! Dave and I are meeting at 6.30 in Union Square to drink beer and then see NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. You can be cool and join us, or be a loser. Call it.

This photo has nothing to do with anything, but hey, more tongue.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

hey amigos

so as this first semester comes winding down to a close, i've been reflecting on the first few months of med school.

this shit is expensive.

but i think i finally figured out where all the tuition money is going. sure, cornell talks big about their "educational center" and the remodeled anatomy lab. i've discovered that the cash i'm forking over is all going to one thing only: hiring B-level, cartoon and dead celebrities to teach us biochemistry and genetics.

did you know john belushi was an expert in metabolism?

peter griffin is teaching us cell signaling....

...and that dude from n'sync got fatter and now is a professor of pharmacology.

finally (and amazingly) cornell somehow found the mysterious fifth baldwin brother and got him to teach genetics:

but the best is yet to come: i've heard rumors that next semester we got robert duvall doing anatomy!!


Ran across this while sorting through some old photos, better get started on tracking this down, kids.

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Let's make magic like we used to make. Thursday, McSorley's, 7:00. Clothing optional, smirks mandatory.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Family Holiday Present???

I respectfully submit for consideration by the USROC this advertisment. Other ancillary matters to be determined by the venerable USROC: who got the magic stick; and will you take me to the candy shop.
Signed, Counselor Nad


I was sitting with Jonny talking and he mentioned, and I didn't believe it but it is true ladies and gentlemen. It has been 4.. count em'... almost 4 years since Roommate Olympics. Probably one of the best days of our youth! Cheers for Roommate Olympics! So, this year it is meant to happen again!
DATE: The last weekend in MAY. MAY 31 and JUNE 1. (Open to other suggestions)
PLACE: NYC or perhaps Roommate Olympics in Greenport (Athas?)
ACTIVITIES: Open to suggestions. Although I am sure that a bonus point goes to the person that can retrieve the ONE Family Reunion T-shirt that is not directly in the family. Loss of one point to the person that actually gave away the T-Shirt.
* Team Boggle
* Dogbowl
* Triathalon (gaming, drinking, playing)
Rules, schedule and eligibility to come later

I will be working on this throughout the year... so start warming up! Get your partner hyped and BRING IT ON!

A Year of Cheers and Jeers

As a boy, I used to love grabbing TV Guide in line at the grocery store, and reading over the CHEERS AND JEERS section. Often, the Cheers and Jeers were about shows I didn't watch, but I didn't care. The thrill of life reduced to the laudable and the execrable was a welcome relief to the relativistic academic culture of Amherst, MA. So, I decided to employ the Cheers and Jeers format as I look back at the year that will long be known as… 2007.

CHEERS! Weed. Friend, brother, secret lover.

JEERS! The Odor of Hong Kong. I'd describe it as a plate of fresh sashimi sitting in a Soviet-era sauna.

CHEERS! The Presence of Circle K in Hong Kong. Strange things are afoot… at the many Circle Ks in Hong Kong!

JEERS! Pinkberry. Good work, Pinkberriers, removing every ounce of joy from your "ice cream." This is the perfect capper to sex with five condoms on.

CHEERS! A New Generation of Jewish Humor Dominance. Jonah Hill, Seth Rogan, Judd Apatow… Toda for the laughter.

JEERS! "Blood and Treasure." Specifically, the use of the phrase "blood and treasure" when media talking heads and/or politicians discuss the costs of Iraq. It's a good example of how intellectually bankrupt Washington is when every politician and every anchor parrots the same worn-out phrase again and again and again, to radically diminishing effect (unless the intended effect is making my skin crawl).

CHEERS! The Golden Age of Television. The writers strike may herald its end, but when you can name off the top of your head four shows you don't even have time to watch (The Wire, The Shield, Man Men, Weeds) that people you trust claim are the best on television—it's a high. Speaking of highs: the Lost season finale. Those who saw it… are forever changed.

R.I.P, Charlie, R.I.P. Spoiler Alert!

JEERS! Romney, Guiliani, McCain, Thompson, Huckabee. A Massachusetts governor posing as an anti-immigrant gun-nut… A power-hungry lunatic running against Islam… A victim of torture who supports toture… Stockman from Iron Eagle III…and Mike Huckabee. Vote Keyes!

CHEERS! President Obama. Just so I can trot the globe with a big, "I don't hear you talkin' now, motherfuckers" grin on my face.

Let it be, let it be...

JEERS! Lack of Minutiae on the Blog. Share the inanity of life with the rest of us, people!

CHEERS! Basel. You can swim in the river that provides 80% of the city's electricity via hydropower. Switzerland, nicely played.

QUICK HITS ENTERTAINMENT JEERS: World War Hulk, the retarded brother on 24,
Maureen Dowd, sports posts on the blog (I know, I did one too), Chuck on Gossip Girl, hash.

QUICK HITS ENTERTAINMENT CHEERS: The Hold Steady, Guitar Hero III, iTunes, Serena on Gossip Girl, David Brooks in the post-Republican apocalypse era, This American Life, Speidi, the Dave Sandler 70s look, the Dog Bowl video.

CHEERS! Mr. and Mrs. Ross. Congrats to the happy couple!

JEERS! Missing My Friends. No fun.

CHEERS! Seeing My Friends. Tons o' fun! And I'll be back in town for a couple days next week—so let's meet at some seasonally charged bar for a little mulled wine and lunacy!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

2008 Can't get here soon enough

Dear Jim Dolan,

Please pull your head out of your ass (or Isaiah's) and draft Derrick Rose.

Thank you,

Suicidal Knicks Fan

More White Rabbits fun

MTV has posted an interview with White Rabbits on this website:

Also, check out New York Magazine. They've named White Rabbits as the Debut Album of the Year:

to the mothership!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Los Rabbitos Blanco

If anyone's planning on going to White Rabbits tomorrow, I've got an extra ticket. Lemme know.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Iowa - Jan 3

Concerned citizens, I was thinking about making a trip to Iowa for the caucus to see our man Barack. It's midweek and a 17 hour drive to Des Moines but I'm thinking it could be incredible, if you need convincing just sit tight through Oprah until Obama gets on stage. Brought a little mist to these cynical eyes.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Bin Laden declares pyramids "a worthy target"

Check out this lookalike bigfoot-esque picture I got in Egypt. And yes, our blog is now monitored by the NSA. my bad.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Why do we love Christy? Let's count the ways!

#1 She's always willing to help out!

#2 She's adorable!

#3 She has a fantastic sense of style.

#4 She's a great listener.

#5 She loves good food (just like we do!).

#6 Her curiosity is fearless.

.....and it goes on and on.....................there are at least 23 more reasons (heh) but my boss is about to sneak up behind me with an open stapler aimed at my jugular.