Thursday, February 28, 2008

Why Do Dem's Always leave it to proxies

Whenever I read stuff like this I wonder, why did I have to search out this information. Why isn't this a routine talking point for Democrats everywhere. It's amazing that a party that is demonstrably more competent at governing, can be so incompetent at politics. BTW, any other political junkies should absolutely ready "The Political Brain." Drew Westen rules and just punks every sucka out there. I don't share his inveterate love for Bill Clinton, but highly recommended (if a bit repetitive after 200pgs) as a treatise on how to reclaim the party so it doesn't run from arguments it can/should win.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Why mess with a good thing?

Those few who have full recollection of last year's Bourbon and Bocce Birthday seem to have had a good time. Those who don't probably had a better time. So why mess with a good thing? Come to my 25th!:

Saturday, March 8
9 PM
131 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn
Between Henry and Clinton Streets

Pug Life

A preview of Sol's tattoo

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Awesome reading of a terrible break up letter!

funny stuff totally unrelated to white rabbits....except that i got this from a different sibling. little sisters find the funniest things on the internet. make sure you have your speakers up when you listen.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

ALERT: Albania May Not Recognize JJ8*

Uhhh....Josh.....Albania just called. They want their flag back. Bamir Topi, the Albanian President has threatened to cut off all diplomatic ties with JJ8 if we continue to hold out the Albanian flag as the Kosovar flag.

In an effort to avoid an international incident, I have assured the President that JJ8 meant no offense. To ease the tension, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Kosovo's actual flag.

I grant you, Albania has a bad ass flag. But it's still pretty cool that Kosovo is independent. (And they were not allowed to use the red and black for their own flag, so don't hold it against them). Here's to a non-violent transition!

*NOTE: Serbia definitely does NOT recognize JJ8.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Amazing Baseball Prank

The video says it all.

Call to Action! Recognize Kosovo!

I move that the Jay Jay Eight & Family blog formally recognizes the new nation of Kosovo, which declared independence yesterday from Serbia. JJ8 has a proud tradition of sticking up for the little guy, the underdog, and the ethnically diverse. Recognition of Kosovo will be a shining climax of that tradition.

Furthermore, consider:

The Flag:

No conventional, conformist red, white, and blue rectangles here, baby. This is pure medieval throwback. Don't fuck with the red and black, bitch!

The Implications for "Categories": When you're going through the countries, you wouldn't have to use Kazakhstan for K. The drastic reduction in Borat impressions is reason enough to get Kosovo a seat at the global table.

The Russian Angle: Russia wants Kosovo to remain part of Serbia, the U.S. wants it free (basically). That means somewhere in the Kremlin today, a bald, hard-drinking, steely-eyed government official is saying to another, [in thick Russian accent] "There is a new pawn in our long chess game with the West." Russians should be required to say stuff like this at every opportunity. The all-time best example is the following ACTUAL QUOTE from a letter Khrushchev wrote to Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis: "Mr. President, we and you ought not now to pull on the ends of the rope in which you have tied the knot of war, because the more the two of us pull, the tighter that knot will be tied." Chilling... Get James Bond on the phone!

The Battle of Kosovo: Serbia conquered Kosovo in 1389. If you've occupied a country for six hundred years and they still want out, it's time to walk away.

So, JJ8, can we make history by being among the first geopolitical entities to recognize the independence of Kosovo!?!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

More info about WhiteRabbits BAMcafe show tonight

hey guys,

i've found out a little bit more about the WR show tonight. the BAMcafe serves drinks and food from the bar (paninis, salads, snacks) starting when the doors open at 8pm. josh and i are planning on getting there around 9-something after we eat dinner elsewhere. there are two opening bands before white rabbits go on. first band at 10pm. its free!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This Video Rules

Kudos to director Nash Edgerton and his bazillion dollar licensing budget.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

yo brooklyn

lately, i've been missing out on 3 things i enjoy quite a lot - sleep, beer, and spending time with the readers of this blog (in that order, of course). jj8, after a long, hard month of slogging, i have a free [3 day!] weekend, and if you're gonna be in town [i know some folks are fleeing], i would love to have a beer with and/or sleep with you. saturday nite? brooklyn? let's do it!

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Eggheads of Sports

This past Saturday I attended a sports business conference at MIT in which several panel discussions were held throughout the day on topics ranging from the use of analytics (stats) in sports to brand and revenue management to facility management to the future of the sports. Many luminaries of the sports world were in attendance as panelists. It's pretty amazing to see in person a collection of people that you only know through the media, interacting with each other in bizarre combinations, and generally just as interested in being there as outsiders like me.

Highlight: Panel Discussion on how to approach the year after winning a championship.

R.C. Buford, GM San Antonio Spurs
Bill Polian, President/CEO Indianapolis Colts
Brian Burke, GM Anaheim Ducks
Jed Hoyer, Assistant GM Boston Red Sox

Peter Gammons

This was the best panel by far. Every single one of the panelists was incredibly bright and had nothing but useful things to say, and no other moderator on the day could hold a candle to Gammons. Every other moderator could have been juiced up with the maximum dosage of moderating steroids, and they still wouldn't have collectively been able to match the pure talent of Gammons. So smooth, so effortless, so sublime. And the real treat...Gammons ending the discussion with a story in which he cursed three times. Amazing.

Other Highlights:

Bill James. Phenomonally smart, incisively witty, one of the biggest dorks you'll ever see. Physically he's a giant, but he's very awkwardly shaped with hunched shoulders and a huge belly. He doesn't look like he walks very comfortably, and I think it's this physical awkwardness that requires him to wear velcro shoes. But still, he was just awesome to listen to.

Bill James sitting next to Rick Carlisle on a panel. Rick's grandfather was apparently an MIT grad, and invented the first fax machine. While Rick seems like a smart enough guy, the intelligence gene has clearly been diluted through the generations. He was just kind of spewing generic ESPN analyst garbage, and Bill James was trying as hard as possible not to make the guy look like a complete idiot.

Bill Polian talking to Ben Watson.

Chris Wallace. Current GM of the Memphis Grizzlies and former tragically incompetent GM of the Boston Celtics. Listening to him tell hilarious story after hilarious story was very illuminating in understanding how this guy ever got another job after what he did to the Celtics.

The experience. I don't know how much I actually learned from attending this conference, but from listening to all those people speak, I realized 1) I'm exactly where I need to be, and 2) I can totally handle myself in this industry.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Sup in the Slope?

I'm gonna go see a friend's band play at Bar 4 later tonight, anyone doing anything fun in the BK prior to 10?

Let's Go Mets!

This summer, when you turn your tv to sny to catch that night's Mets game, that'll be me you see every game in the stands behind home plate.

See you this summer!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Thanks from H$G

Thanks again to all of y'all who came out last weekend, the support means a lot to all of us. We're thinking possible Best Of show in April/May, so stay tuned!