Friday, April 22, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


How are you feeling about this guy these days?

How about this guy? (There seems to be a part of his face that's missing, but I can't figure out which...)

Bored? Disgusted? Angry?

Passover is here, the holiday where we commemorate the Jews' exodus from Egypt [assuming they were even there in the first place] and give a big nod to Moses, the guy that led them out. It's got me to thinking, maybe it's time for an enlightened monarch around these parts. Someone who's got a big stick (see the magical powers of Moses' rod)(interpret as you wish), who can rally his people and get in their face when they fuck up (see when Moses smashes the 10 commandments). Today's 2-parties-in-the-pocket-of-the-corporations-and-goaded-on-by-sensationalist-news system just doesn't seem able to get serious about shit.

I'm still a big fan of O (most of the time) but I think the problems go deeper, the corruption's too entrenched, the apathy too great. So, any suggestions for a benevolent dictator? Lou Reed? Pete from McSorleys? An Ashley/Sol tag-team? Ideas....?

P.S. happy passover everybody!
P.P.S. we're coming back to NY soon! [june]

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Live Blogging: Back Up In The But

Once again, sitting surrounded by books in a flimsy carousel with that fake granite table top. Gotta say, it feels good to be back, although the heavily dreadlocked dude sitting next to me is absolutely drenched in cologne. As in it's probably adding a few ounces onto his weight and jamming my eyes like an onion.... What ever happened to frumpy studying in sweatshirts and slippers? On that note, somehow all the nerds got replaced by really hot extras from a WB sitcom on college life. The student population is at least four degree hotter than memory. Also there is cheap sushi. And free photocopies. And $2 lattes... Paradiso But??

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Birthday to Sol.

This Thursday, April 7, Pacific Standard (4th ave, btwn Bergen & St. Marks), 8pm onwards.


So, the reunion, kiddos:

The thurs (june 2) reception @ Hudson Hotel, $27/pp [I think this is CC only?}

The fri (june 3) reception (SEAS & CU?) at some gallery, $31.50/pp

Fri intrepid party [why can't they think of anything else?? "LIMITED" open bar] 25/pp

The class dinner in the tent on the lawn Saturday is $45/pp.

And of course, the requisite Saturday mayhem, security run-in, ice sculpture antics, bush jumping, and ass shots: priceless.