Friday, August 17, 2012

Blinded Emails Return

Guess who wrote these missives from the past...


Oh what. 
Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the medical examiners .
. .
According to the IMDB, there is an original version of Nightwatch. The
Danish version, 1994, made by the same guy. I can't begin to imagine.
Another tidbit from the IMDB:
The broken girl who played the hooker has the following movies on her
Children of the Corn 666. The Haunting. Mimic. Mr. Murder. Death of a
Cheerleader. The Pornographer. Reform School Girl. 
And inexplicably . . . her debut came in Kindergarten Cop.
There is no doubt left, she is a professional broken bitch.



some guy just came into 
cafe 212 
and said to 
his friend: 
"awesome sushi!, we need to 
get it"
then he told the lady behind
the counter i stole an apple 
when i didn't.

i have so much desire to pound on his face.



I dream of Africa.  And i hate it.


*Special bonus item: Guess the sender and the replier*


Guys, I want to apologize for being a complete ass this morning. 
Sorry to have caused so many problems.  I have no excuse, I just slept
through. I'm sure you'll come up with some way to get back at me.

that would be the clock, the yellow door, the paint on the carpet,the lack of television, the time i ate your bacon, and once when i sneezed on leeann.


  1. 5/6/01 sounds like Dave "all balled up at the head office" Sandler

  2. Gold!

    My (extremely low confidence) votes:

    #1 A double pump fake by JMF
    #2 I vaguely remember being accused of stealing an apple at JJs, but no memory of writing that. Seems too agressive to be MBL, but could it be anyway?
    #3 A now ironic Jon Ross??
    #4 Sweet email poetry; seems like classic Mangion/MBL exchange

  3. Amazing gold from the archives!
    #1) MBL
    #2) Ben
    #3) JRo
    #4) Joe / MBL ; completely unsure

  4. #2 is definitely Ben, I think I have that email archived somewhere too.

    #4 is clearly Jeremy, I think the responder is a dark horse Chaucer.

  5. 1. Vintage MBL
    2. Ben
    3. Dave "African Civ" Sandler
    4. Jeremy v. Ben

    The sneeze on Leann was almost lost to history!

  6. I am coming to this 3 weeks late it seems. But this just totally made my day. Well done, Chauc.