Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's Legal if It's For Charity

You're all used to me running my ass off for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society - now I'm selling it off in a Date Auction to help my friend and coach become LLS' Woman of the Year and raise a ton of money to fight blood cancer. Buy tickets (only $15 and it all goes to charity) then come and buy ME! In addition to doing good, supporting me and getting an AMAZING date that includes hiking and PUPPIES (, if you all come and pool your money together and make sure I go for a lot, you will save yourselves from my endless bitching if one of the other ladies or gentlemen makes more than I do. Win, win, win for everyone in the world. Click on the FOR SALE sign to buy tickets and mention me in your notes if you buy them so I could win free Yankees tickets - which I'll then give to one of you).


  1. Good grief - don't purchase me if you need help with blogging, apparently - here's the link to buy tickets:

  2. Ashley and I will be there.
    If you click on the HEADLINE of the BLOG post, it will take you to the site to buy tickets.

  3. Sol / Ash /(Someone else):

    It seems I cannot buy tickets from here. (Yeah, government censorship!) Can someone please buy a ticket for me and I will pay you back the $15 when I return...?


    I will still be out of town during your event, but have fun.

  4. Dave - do you still need one or did you access the illicit internet in Hong Kong?

  5. Speaking of illicit things, some girl went for $750 at the last charity auction (her coworkers pooled their money): JJ8, pool your money! I certainly don't expect to raise that kind of cash without actually doing/promising illegal things, but there are some high stakes in the charity meat market.