Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Contributing some Martha Stewart to the Blog.

A couple of you have asked about my new refrigerator-magnetic spice rack... So here are the DIY instructions.

Jars& Lids - quantity depending on how many spices you'd like to store. I bought 60 for $50 incl. shipping
Magnets 2 per jar: I ordered the 1/2" x 1/8" but I ended up needing 2 per jar [perhaps you could upsize and get away with 1 per]. Paid $25 for 100 w free shipping.
Sharpie marker
Refrigerator or stainless steel plate: check out this guy's spice rack for a metal link
Pug (optional)


1. Label the underside of the jars with Sharpie corresponding the spice you'd like to fill with. The beauty of the Sharpie is that - on glass - it's erasable with water, so when that '10's craze for smoked paprika is over, you can change the jar.

2. Put 2 magnets on the underside (spice side) of each lid. These suckers are strong and hard to pry from their stacks.

3. Fill up your jars.

4. Make sure each one passes pug inspection.

5. Stick them to the fridge.


  1. Ashley is so MUCH BETTER than Martha Stewart. Martha can learn a lot from staying out of prison.