Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Details for: Art leads the masses

In his ever-constant quest to prove that he actually is Mexican (see image above for example), Artie-party/Tuti/Tutu/Tutes McGutes is leading an expedition to Sunset park, this FRIDAY, for tacos and margaritas. Will post more details, but would be awesome to see you guys. It's been forever.

UPDATE: Raju wrote: "Art says 8PM @ Tacos Matamaros - 5th Avenue and like 40s (google it). Invite cool people. Yep. Word."

I googled it: 5th Ave and 45th St.

IT'S BYOB so bring it!

Right now its me, Art, Raju, Mike, Muna and Sol/Ash(?). Come if you can. Tacos await...