Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Q & A

Q: Who was a Rhodes Scholar, Army Ranger, professional helicopter pilot, nashville janitor, songwriter (County Music Hall of Fame), actor (Blade I, II, III + a million other movies), Boyfriend of Barbara Streisand & Janis Joplin, married three times, and in a group w/ Merle, Willie, and Johnny?



  1. It was Waylon, Willie, and Johnny, not Merle...The Highwaymen.

  2. I know it seems like a small point, but Waylon is so much more the man than Merle, that I had to mention it.

    Double-K is definitely the man also, but, as you've pointed out, more for the breadth of his accomplishments than the quality of them. I definitely enjoy the movie Convoy, but KK's acting has never much impressed me. And while his song writing talents were very strong (he wrote "Me and Bobby McGee", right?), as a performer he was also pretty lackluster. And Streisand and Joplin are certainly big time names, but not exactly the most pleasing to the eye.

    Still, based on his own accomplishments and the fact that so many people at the tops of their profession chose to make him such a big part of their lives, KK has definitely led a most impressive life. I'd take that life.

  3. i wish i could be 30 again is a merle doozy, i wouldn't see easily dismiss the man.