Monday, January 28, 2013

Cast Off!

Two people on the blog recently recast TOP GUN using today's stars (or in some cases, "stars"). Please  vote on which of these two casts you think would make the better remake of TOP GUN.


Maverick - Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Goose - Skinny Jonah Hill
Iceman - Ryan Gossling
Blonde Female Lead - Marion Cottilard


Maverick - Ryan Gosling
Goose - Channing Tatum
Iceman - Bradley Cooper
Blonde Female Lead - Jessica Chastain


  1. I like cast b, but i don't think channing tatum is a good goose. i think he's gotta be iceman (although i prefer bradley cooper in that role) or out completely. skinny jonah hill isn't a bad goose, but if you go with him, you have to find a way to kill goose even earlier in the film. i would cast joseph gordon-levitt as goose in cast b.

  2. I give it to Cast A. JGL really put in the work on his smirk in LOOPER and PREMIUM RUSH, while Gosling lacks the necessary charisma. I would prefer Tatum as Goose, because this role is the emotional heart of the film, and no one would ever mourn the passing of Jonah Hill (though if this actually happened I have no doubt that Hill *would* be cast, and subsequently have multiple fingers pointed at him as "what went wrong").

    I think Bradley Cooper is arguably too charming for the vapid pretty-boy hunk role; R-Gos would fill that nicely. And while Jessica Chastain is the right answer for everything, I'd never believe that she'd fall for a Maverick type, whereas Cottilard has been in two separate shitty Chris Nolan movies, so you really can't trust her judgement.

    Anyway, the most important thing is that the role of Tom Skerritt will be played by Bryan Cranston and the role of "Strickland from BACK TO THE FUTURE" will be played by Strickland from BACK TO THE FUTURE because Jesus didn't that guy ever have hair?

  3. The Tom Skerritt (Viper) role would have to be played by Tom Cruise, in a stirring return to the TOP GUN universe. The creators of both new casts agreed on this.

  4. Good call, I like it. Now what about a reboot of IRON EAGLE with Denzel and Justin Bieber?

  5. At gunpoint, I would probably choose Cast B, but neither is perfect. JGL would definitely make the better Maverick than Gosling, which is a major advantage for Cast A. I agree with Mattie-O that Gosling is more the quiet intensity type rather than the brash-but-you-can't-help-loving-him charismatic type. However, Gosling pretty much always delivers, so even if he wouldn't be perfect as Maverick, he wouldn't ruin the movie either. For the other three roles Cast B takes it. Neither choice is a good one for Goose, but Jonah Hill has to be kept as far away from this movie as possible (especially as the character that you need the audience to cry for when he dies). With Iceman, Gosling is probably better for this role than as Maverick, but again, I don't think he has the charisma to be playing the ultimate competitive jock type. At least not the way Bradley Cooper could. As for the female lead, Chastain would be a million times better than Cotillard (that is not a comment on them as actors, just a comment on this role specifically).

    I think Goose is a tough role to put a "star" into because you need someone who can naturally handle being a sidekick and who can kinda be able to represent the everyman. I think you'd need someone like Chris Pratt (although I'm sure we could come up with someone better than him as well).

    And Viper does kind of scream Bryan Cranston.

  6. I actually think joseph gordon levitt might be the best goose of all.

  7. Cast C:

    Maverick: Sandler
    Goose: Solly, the heart of JJ8 - we'll miss you buddy!
    Iceman: Feldman
    Iceman's partner whose name I forgot: Stomper
    Charlie/blonde: Matt BL, call-sign Mattie - let's bring the homoeroticism to the forefront where it belongs.
    Viper: Raju
    Jester: Contessa, because he is often a bitch

    Overall, I would go with cast B, with two changes: Henry Cavill, the new Superman as Maverick, he is intense, charming and super pretty (also, I would enjoy seeing him play volleyball with his shirt off) and Naomi Watts as Charlie - she's supposed to be older, wiser and hot, and Naomi Watts has been in some shitty movies, so she can do this. I also like Chris Pratt as Goose - god knows I'd cry if he died in anything.

  8. Just cause you guys are in love with Chastain doesn't mean you can cast her in the lead. Have you seen the original?? Goodness gracious. Think cougar. Watts is good, Cate Blanchett is better. Or trash it up with Brooke Shields?

    Stomper as Slider is good, Christian is better. And depending on how far fake facial hair has evolved, Raju as Viper won't fly. Maybe he can be one of the Middle Eastern MIG pilots, since their faces are mostly covered up by oxygen masks.

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  10. I say Solly takes Viper, and Jonnyrocket plays Goose

  11. I could also see The Gremlin as Cougar: "OH SHIT! OH SHIT OH SHIT KID!"

  12. I also feel like Chris Pine might work as Iceman.