Tuesday, May 8, 2012

better late than never (or, today's fleeting encounter with a psycho real estate lady) (or, yikes)

9am - look through riverdale real-estate listings
9:15 - find attractive listing
9:20 - call agent's cell phone: "hi you've reached kama, i'm always available for bookings as well as yoga instruction. and check out my website www.kamalinden.com, my 2 CDs are for sale, and also check out [some other website] where my yoga DVD is available for only $10!................ (beep)."
9:21 - leave kama a message.
11:30 - call back from kama, give her our wish list for an apartment.
12:43 - (txt from kama) i have a tentative appt for tomorrow...how is 3:30? 2 bed kama
1:55 - (txt from me) can you meet a bit earlier? we are seeing a craigslist place at 4
2:06 - (kama) 3 is all i can push
2:06 - (me) that works!
2:07 - (kama) also just a thought, your "craigslist place" is just another agent doing what i do
2:13 - (kama) ok the other one is fri 3p. but like i said if you keep running around with every ad each agent does the same thing
2:13 - (kama) and most craigslist ads are bait to sign with another agent. so i guess decide who you want to work with. i have a 2nd apt for you fri at 3pm
2:13 - (kama) and i was going to show more than one place if you gave me the 2 hours
2:16 - (voicemail from kama) "hey jonathan it's kama, well i did make you a 3 oclock for tomorrow, but here's the thing. it's just, if you're working with me, and another agent, and another agent....i don't think you understand what craigslist is.  every time you see an ad,  that apartment may or not be real. and basically every ad like craigslist is a bait, as an agent. so what you're seeing is, i'm an agent and i'll show you a bunch of places, and then you meet another agent at 4 oclock, half the time you may be seeing the same places, which you're not allowed to do because only one agent can get payment and credit for it. so, um, if you wanna work with me, let me know, i'll secure you the 3 oclock and we'll meet at 3. if you wanna work with the other guy, work with him. i don't want to run over there and also have you running around with another agent, too, there's no point, so just let me know either way, i'll cancel your appointment, just let me know either way, okay, bye."
2:45 - leave kama a voicemail saying thanks but we're not interested.
7:45 - delete listings kama sent to my e-mail
7:48 - surf over to www.kamalinden.com
7:58 - Been There Done That [click]
7:59 - oy
8:00 - blog



  2. Yeah but did you find out what she's all about all about?

  3. That ANGRCHIK license plate is the clincher.

  4. Sol, can we give her posting access? I honestly want to hear what she has to say.

  5. Whoa check, that song is amazing. It's karaoke time.

    Jon, doesn't the hippocratic oath require you to repair her brain?