Saturday, March 10, 2012

Should we all go camping?

I think a camping trip is in order now that the weather is getting so lovely. What say you all?


  1. I'm in.

    By "camping", you mean living in a cabin and going on hikes and then being able to take showers with hot water, right?

  2. I'm in as well. And by "camping" I mean, renting an RV and driving to the Grand Canyon...

  3. i just want to sit by a fire and cook hotdogs and smores. i'd live in a cabin. my family has a really scary i'm afraid of that idea. christy, you have the idea. let's do it!

  4. If by "living in a cabin" you mean sharing a one-person tent with Ben, and if by "showers" you mean standing in the rain, if any, and if by "hot water" you mean peeing on your hands to cleanse them, then yes.

    Stop being such a little kitty!