Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ode to Moneyball

Who should play Brian Cashman in this movie?


  1. I'm pretty sure Peter Jacobson has to play Cashman.

  2. Thank you, Sol. Because of your post, Matt and I agreed we didn't have to write our Moneyball He Said /She Said movie review. Although basic recap of what could have been:

    Mattie-O: blah blah blah statistical analysis. Baseball. Yankees. Economics. Book.
    The Contessa: zzzzzz
    Mattie-O: Billy Beane. A's. More book stuff. Yale. Numbers. Smartness.Brad Pitt's acting career.
    The Contessa: zzzzzzzz
    Mattie-O: Smart thing. Baseball. More numbers. Clever comment about numbers and baseball.
    The Contessa: zzzzzzz