Friday, March 4, 2011



  1. The people who argue this is a better video than SLEDGEHAMMER are the same people who argue that FRANNY AND ZOOEY is better than CATCHER IN THE RYE.

  2. Well put. Before rewatching it, prior to posting this, I was prepared to label it "as good or better" -- the ESTRANGED to SLEDGEHAMMER's NOVEMBER RAIN -- but yeah, my memories of MTV from 1987 were tainted by age.

    Still, on its own merits, the song itself is a beast.

    And I show them round my house, to my bed
    I had it made like a mountain range
    With a snow-white pillow for my big fat head
    And my heaven will be a big heaven
    And I will walk through the front door

    That's gold, Jerry.

  3. And then like an alchemist, from gold to radioactive thallium: perhaps the greatest song about family weirdness:

    "Light creeps from her secret tunnels
    Sucked into the open spaces
    Burning out in sudden flashes
    Draining blood from their well-fed faces"

    All of which is to say, there is no better road for the blog to travel down right now than a temporary detour through Peter Gabriel's ouvre.