Tuesday, February 8, 2011

If Filmmakers Directed the Super Bowl

This is brilliant.


  1. So good! I would also love to see:

    CHRISTOPHER NOLAN -- The announcers describe everything as it happens in excruciating detail. Michael Caine guests.

    STEVEN SPIELBERG -- a technically perfect game followed by a treacly postgame wrap up that ruins it.

    HOWARD HAWKS -- Rex Ryan and Eric Mangini banter each other to death.

    STANLEY KUBRICK -- a 6 1/2 minute slow zoom in on Tom Coughlin's neck.

    MICHAEL BAY -- 68 shots of Tom Brady in 54 seconds, 66 of them with a lens flare.

    TAKASHI MIIKE -- James Harrison unsnaps his cheek flaps and chews the skin off of Peyton Manning's knuckles.

  2. Thank you, Mattie-O for making the blog worth reading and life worth living again.