Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Finally Seeing Some Light

I've discussed several times with Schwizza the frustrations of Sam Sifton's rating criteria, and the disappointment with The Breslin only getting 1 star (as well as The Spotted Pig before it from Frank Bruni because of the stools). And so the review of the John Dory Oyster Bar seemed a forgone conclusion.

But ho! What's this?! 2 Stars!!!

Way to kill it Schwizza!


  1. Excellent, Josh. Very impressive.

  2. Awesome. Called terrific in the first sentence and it just gets better from there... Congrats, Josh. Here's the thing about Sam Sifton, though. Everyone loves to hate him. He's a cranky son of a bitch. He's not afraid to say exactly what he thinks, and he doesn't care much for softening the blow or choosing his words delicately. But. He's usually right. And when he does give a great review? Well, you know it's some real good shit. Like the John Dory.