Thursday, December 16, 2010

Makin' Friends

Raju has been ever so kind enough to let me stay at his apartment recently in my relatively homeless situation, and in that time I have been trying to make friends with his little buddy. I've found that he's an excited little dude, wanting to improve himself and emulate his big buddy as much as possible.

He's working on his musical skills...ladies love musicians.

He's seen Raju's style...

...and wants to improve his own as much as he can.

He also wants to be more mature.

Unfortunately he hasn't learned yet how to control his Irish nature, and got a little out of control.

I hope that last one isn't any kind of resentment about Raju's old job. I'm sure it's not. The Irish never suppress resentment.

Anyway, we all have our growing pains, but from what I've seen, he'll be a good guy once he gains a little more life experience.


  1. Love it. Joe, this should definitely be a running series.

  2. i hope there isn't an xxx version.

  3. HAHAHAHAHA! I like the mature shot with the j crew catalog. hilurius!

  4. Every time I see a muppet, I wish I was one.

  5. This made my night when Raju showed me.. love it