Sunday, November 28, 2010

From blog to kitchen...

As previously mentioned, in addition to the usual turkey, apple pie and autumnal sides, we decided to add a little cake to our Thanksgiving this year.

[Ideal] & [Actual]

Assembled by my dad - despite universal doubts, and with an exuberance that led to an unintentional doubling of the number of marshmallows - it actually tasted pretty good. So much so that almost everyone had a slice for breakfast the next morning.

[sorry haters- yum!]

Then on the drive home, I found two more foods to be thankful for...

Eating a potato chip that tastes EXACTLY like a juicy pork rib is a testament to the very best applied science (post-Wright bros) has to offer. Anything is possible!


  1. I love it.

    And there's no way that that "ideal" cake is truly edible. There are probably more real buffalo wings in those chips than there are real ingredients in that cake. Your cake looks way better.

  2. For Christmas dinner, I want buffalo wings that taste like potato chips.