Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dateline Japan

What it looks like to climb Mt Fuji, alone....
How Geisha are like bigfoot: They're so rare people aren't totally sure they exist. They are generally scared of modern man based on a tense history, and all pictures of them are blurry before they scurry off.

From the annals of badass 14 year olds... The oldest bu-do school in Japan.

From the annals of "redrum": Creepiest art award.

From the annals of hot bachelor auctions:
From the annals of Japanese technology...
From top left:
1. seriously it's a toilet and toilet paper. How many buttons do you need to wipe your ass?? Still haven't figured this out.
2. My favorite invention, conveyor belt sushi, a train that goes so fast there are exploded bird strikes on the nose cone (that blood is about 8 inches in diameter)
3. my hotel room
4. with all this technology I defend against bears with a bell...?


  1. Is the Japanese schoolgirl part of the art installation? Because if not, she should be.

  2. That's a schoolgirl? I thought that was gabbi.