Thursday, September 9, 2010

rosh hashana

shana tova family from the land of peaches, pork, and public health. we are doing well and settled in but miss you all.

we wish everybody a year of good times, good food, good people, good health and lots of love and happiness. come visit!

the atlanta crew


  1. Happy new year to the Atlanta Branch of JJ8!

    We miss you guys, too.

    Here's to a great year in Atlanta and next year in...NYC!

  2. OMG! She has gotten so big! Happy apples dipped in honey to you too!

  3. After having recently visited the Atlanta Crew, I can happily say that everyone appears to be well, and Carmel appears to be making good progress as she grows up. She is now much more focused at what she is looking at and can now feed herself while only dropping about half of her food on the floor...perfect for taking up the mantle of JJ8 the next generation.