Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rape of The Explorer's Club

You think they could've consulted us?
Click it and weep.


  1. spelunkin' duncan? that guy blows.

  2. That guy's a herb. He was on our tour of that Atlantic Ave subway tunnel, and was attempting to get dates with girls the whole time, telling them he'd take them to the top of the Manhattan bridge. He also has a really annoying lisp.

  3. Wow. That guy is a giant f*cking tool. As is the article's author:

    "He has used grappling hooks to surmount the crumbling superstructures of world’s fairs, has felt the cushion of wind, that warning breath, that precedes the sound of an approaching train, has emerged at night from heavy-lidded manholes into the middle of city streets, and, at sunrise in Paris, in the belfry of Notre Dame, was present at an unauthorized bell tolling that brought a swift visit from la police nationale."

    We are now entering the city of Doucheville in the land of Pretentia. They both blow.