Thursday, August 12, 2010

atlanta blog #1

¡hola familia!

we are here in the dirty south. it's hot. it's taken a while to get set up [we still are boot-legging internet from the neighbors - thanks "dlink"] but we have not forgotten about y'all in new york.

things are well. we have a huge apartment [my bike has its own closet]. our neighborhood is within the atlanta city limits but is pure leafy green suburb. our car ["fucky"][plate # FCY5056] serves us well. carmel is doing great!:

more hotlanta news to follow, including updates about the government + public health, insights into the local BBQ scene, the awaited meet-up with long-lost JJ8(9) member jon master, southern travels, and more! come visit!


  1. we need your new address!!!

  2. I'm glad to see that Carmel has traded her crib for a plastic bin so as to fit in better in the dirty, dirty.