Friday, June 4, 2010

World Cup Dreams Dashed

I don't want to say blown, but man this world cup which I was so hyped on has taken a serious hit.

Ivory Coast - Didier Drogba out with broken arm. By far my favorite player in the cup, the most popular player in Africa and probably a top 10 player in the world and he's broke his arm in a friendly a week before the first cup ever in Africa. I mean, dude basically negotiated a ceasefire in a civil war and got Chelsea FC and Pepsi to help build a hospital in his hometown. This sux so bad I can't even believe it. You'll be missed D.D.
Ghana - Michael Essien out. Best player on probably the second best team in Africa (along with Cameroon and Egypt possibly).
England - Rio Ferdinand Out, English captain. Not a monster loss, but star power depleted.
US - Charlie Davies out - arguably their best striker and definitely their fastest. Dunzo.
US - Jozy Altidore questionable with ankle. By far my favorite US Player. Highest upside. Rising star. Like a strong safety playing soccer. This and drogba in the same day.... wow.

I need time to find a new angle for getting excited about this cup. All my favorite players are gone. Ugh.

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  1. It wouldn't be soccer if it weren't 98% frustration and disappointment.