Tuesday, May 11, 2010

dad blog

first off, apologies for waiting 4 1/2 months to blog about the newest member of the jj8 family. as you imagine, shit has been busy, and sleep has been at a premium. also, while i'm getting my blog skills warmed up, how about a prospect park picnic this weekend? the weather should be good and carmel has been bugging us about finally getting her little butt over to brooklyn.

so now, as carmel slowly puts herself to sleep in the room next door [imagine a slow, gradual fade out of a screaming baby], i will take the opportunity to shed a little light into the world of being a dad.

so far, the best part has been coming home from the med student life and getting a wide, toothless smile from carmel. at the beginning of course she had no idea who we [or anyone] [or anything] were and as long as she got a boob in her mouth every few hours she was happy. but over the last few months she has become really aware of her surroundings and has learned a bit about her friends and enemies. in particular, she has developed a strong love/hate relationship with a small stuffed giraffe. anyway, she definitely knows who we are and it is pretty effin' awesome to walk in the door and get hit by a beam of 100% baby love.

the worst part [besides the nightly 3am wake up, and i can't even complain because i just get woken up, it's almost always renana that actually has to get out of bed and function] is probably the constant ambiguity in the face of serious responsibility. i feel like we never totally know if we're doing what we're supposed to be doing. and i'm finishing up my PEDIATRICS rotation people. more food? less food? more sleep? less sleep? stomach pain? exhaustion? weird baby shit? we never really know, we just do it.

but it's awesome.
more dad blog to come.


  1. i'd love to finally meet carmel this weekend! yes to bbqing in park.

  2. the blog is all growns up.

    i'm in for the park bbq too.

  3. saturday would be best for me. I will be coaching baseball all day on Sunday.

  4. mom blog:
    Carmeli is sooo cool.
    and, i need zzzzzzz.

  5. park park park!! saturday is great.

  6. 100% baby love.. I love it