Friday, April 9, 2010

'Death at a Funeral' Revisited

So the NY Times published an article yesterday delving into the genesis of the remake of the movie 'Death at a Funeral' that I brought to the attention of the blog several weeks ago. Basically it was an idea that Chris Rock came up with that he didn't expect anyone to take very seriously, except that everyone did. If you want to read the article, here's the link.

None of this would be all that interesting except that I thought the very end of the article was really funny and needed to be shared.

In the initial reading for the American script the black actor Tony Cox (“Bad Santa”) played the role, but Mr. Culpepper thought the part should be played by a white actor. That’s how Mr. Dinklage became what Mr. LaBute called the “connective tissue” to the British version.

“At first I was a little protective of the original,” Mr. Dinklage said. “How could they?” But now, he said, he wonders why he wasn’t asked to be in “Daddy Cool,” a 2009 Bollywood version of the story. “You could do it in the Amazon rain forest. You could explore all the different styles of funerals across the world. I plan to do this movie in every country across the world.”

I find this funny for two reasons: 1) Peter Dinklage's comments obviously show that he's as sharp witted as Christy said he is, and 2) It's possible that the funniest version of this movie may be the one we have the least access to.

Bollywood. 'Daddy Cool'. Genius!

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