Monday, March 1, 2010

I just found a much less cool, but still kind of interesting piece

Have any of you been seeing the commercials for this movie that's coming out that includes most of the famous black actors in Hollywood plus Luke Wilson?

Did it seem strange to anyone, not that Hollywood would use black actors for this, but that Hollywood could have conceived of a movie like this as a vehicle for black actors? Well it didn't.

In the down time that one has while unemployed, I was flipping channels and came across this British movie on TV.

Obviously it's not surprising that Hollywood would remake a movie, but isn't it a bit hackish that they would remake a movie that is already in spoken english, that was only made 3 years ago, and remake it almost word-for-word and gag-for-gag? I mean, just watch those two trailers. EVEN THE MIDGET THEY USE IS THE SAME GUY!

All that said, I have a feeling that the new movie might be a bit funnier than the British one. The British one had problems. Maybe this is a case where Hollywood actually figured out the right kind of movie to remake....though it still doesn't look like a great movie.


  1. When you need a midget for your funeral movie, there's only one guy to call!

  2. That is Peter Dinklage, a friend of Chapin's and the only person who could go whiskey shot for whiskey shot with me - and who weighs less than I do.

    He is hilarious and vicious and his wife is a hot tall theater director.

  3. p.s. Reason #1 the new movie might be better than the old one: It is anchored by Chris Rock rather than the British Peyton Manning.

  4. That's amazing. I mean literally lifting the same jokes? you've got chris rock and tracy morgan and you're lifting jokes from the british peyton manning?

  5. I wasn't knocking Dinkelage, he is a pretty awesome actor (Station Agent, Richard III) and he was very funny on 30 Rock. I'm just wondering how far he can take this. Will he be in the German remake? The Japanese one?

  6. Definitely a must-see!!!

    Sign me up.

  7. I didn't think you were knocking him - I just wanted to acknowledge his awesomeness in a (semi) public forum. That is all.