Monday, January 11, 2010

baby brain

in the last day or two, carmel has started to look around and pay attention to things besides sleeping and momma's boob. it makes you wonder, what do babies think? can carmel see our faces? does she recognize them? is there any kind of awareness there, or is it just reflex: hungry → cry; tired → cry; gas → burp? sometimes it really looks like she expresses emotion, deep thought, amusement, curiosity. here are a few classic moments:

anyway, we are totally zonked out of our heads but having a good time. carmel is getting feistier, fatter and checking out the world a little bit at a time. y'all should come visit - we're jonesing for some jj8 here on the upper east.


  1. Good lord - she is so adorable. Stop making me like children with your beautiful, funny, awesome baby.